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Literacy Narrative Outline


It’s a new life

Thesis Statement: I received an English book in my first class as a second language student who knew surface in English, but this experience changes my perspective on reading as a reader.

  •     Introduction
  1. A new environment for me
  2. Importance to be a student
  3. Didn’t know how to read and write
  •    Looking forward to the new school
  1. Wondering to know how’s the school and classmates
  2. Preparing myself for school
  •    The first day of my school
  1. Meet with the new classmate and note the disability on communicating
  2. Have a hard time on comprehension
  3. Get my first English book as an assignment
  •   Disappointment at my homework
  1. I was cry because I couldn’t read
  2. Feel depression and don’t want to go to school anymore
  3. My family encourage me and I decide to try to read
  •    Reading impact my life as conclusion
  1. We should not abandon education or reading at our life even though we face the struggle
  2. Reading improve my English skill
  3. Create great opportunity and benefit for me
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